Invest in Cyprus! Your base from which to reach new markets

Cyprus is an innovative, international, trustworthy business centre offering investing opportunities across a wide range of sectors. A country of high potential, offering major attractions to foreign investors.

Cyprus today is firmly established as a reputable international financial centre, the ideal bridge between East and West. Ideally located to serve three continents, and supported by a highly skilled workforce, sophisticated infrastructure and attractive tax regime, Cyprus is the reason to expand. Foreign Direct Investment, into Cyprus has grown considerably in recent years, as Cyprus is seen as an attractive destination for inward investment.

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Why Cyprus?

10 good reasons for investing in Cyprus
In a globalised economy where multinational companies receive pressure to reduce costs and maximize profits, while improving quality to meet increasingly higher client expectations , there are 10 good reasons why investing in Cyprus might be the first step in the right direction:
  1. European Union Member State
  2. Taxation
  3. Strategic Location
  4. Efficient and effective banking and professional services sectors
  5. Competent workforce
  6. Advanced telecommunications network and infrastructure
  7. Local economy
  8. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) ranking
  9. Reputable International Shipping Center
  10. Living and working on the island all year

Cyprus! An international business hub since antiquity

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Cyprus Investing News

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