Purchase of new properties in Cyprus

Purchase of new properties in Cyprus – The Cyprus VAT Rules

Cyprus VAT rules are quite complex, especially when it comes to property investments.  Failing to abide by VAT rules is also one of the biggest pitfalls of property investments and a situation you definitely want to avoid when you are looking for a good way to become financially secure through this type of investment.

Despite the complexities of VAT rules in Cyprus, it is still one of the best investment types you can possibly make.  Property investments and especially hi-rise and hi-end property in popular regions like Limassol are currently doing tremendously well and investors have been known to gain great returns on these types of investments. Continue reading →

How to buy bank owned homes in Cyprus

How to buy bank owned homes in Cyprus?

The church is the biggest real-estate agent in Cyprus and the Bank of Cyprus is currently the second-biggest private real-estate agent in this prospering island.  If you are looking for bargains and cheap property then these two places are probably the best places to start shopping for basically any property type.

Bank owned homes are some of the best bargains you will find on an island where luxury properties currently sell for over 44 million Euro.  Continue reading →

Luxury Home Market Is Booming In Cyprus

Luxury Home Market Is Booming In Cyprus

The property market in Cyprus is doing well in general.  Homes on an average enjoyed a massive 6.4% increase overall in Cyprus but luxury accommodations take the cake.   These luxury accommodations include elite homes like villas, houses and even apartments and the extravagances of these luxury homes will leave you in awe. In some regions, the market value of luxury homes escalated dramatically and is expected to keep escalating for quite some time. Continue reading →

What Factors Make A Great Location Great In Limassol

What Factors Make A Great Location Great In Limassol?

Limassol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cyprus and this city also captivates the attention of most foreign investors.  Between 2016 and 2017, the average price for apartments rose with more than 10% and homes enjoyed a property value increase of 6.2%.  Some luxury homes and accommodations in this city increased in market value by as much as 34% in just one short year.

It is clear that everyone want to invest in this great location but what does make a great location great in Limassol?  What is the main attraction that inspires so much growth and foreign investors?  Here are the top factors that affect the appeal of Limassol locations; Continue reading →